Garner Education Services Ltd

Speaker, Consultant & Trainer

Supporting SEN and Mental Health in educational settings is becoming more challenging with increased numbers and reduced budgets. Samantha Garner established Garner Education Services Ltd to provide support for educational staff in meeting the increasing yet varied needs of students.

Sam has worked nationally and internationally and is often compared to ‘Victoria Wood’ and ‘Dawn French’, lauded for her ability to entertain as well as provide excellent content.

As well as being a qualified mental health practitioner, Sam has worked in educational settings, Primary to Post 16, as a SENCo and Mental Health Specialist. This means she understands the real challenges faced in education on a daily basis – feedback often includes how Sam truly understands life ‘at the coal face’ and that her advice and support is practical and easily implemented. She is passionate that SEN and Mental Health support does not have to be complicated and that we can make a big difference in the lives of our young people.

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